Published Concordance Tables

Within the last several years, three very useful concordance tables have been published.

Forgacs, David. "Le edizioni inglesi di Gramsci," in Gramsci Nel Mondo: Atti Del Convegno Internazionale Di Studi Gramsciani, Formia, 25-28 Ottobre 1989. A cura di Maria Luisa Righi. Roma: Fondazione Istituto Gramsci, 1995. Pages 9-29.

Description: Includes four tables organized by publication: MP, SPN, CW, GR. Each table is organized thematically and by page number with cross references for the critical edition of Quaderni del carcare and the thematic editions of the prison notebooks published by Einaudi and Editori Riuniti.

Martin, James. Gramsci's Political Analysis: A Critical Introduction. New York: Macmillan Press, 1998. Pages 173-188.

Description: Includes one table organized by notebook number and note number of the Quaderni del carcare. Includes cross-references for SPN, CW, FS, PN1.

Finocchiaro, Maurice A. Beyond Right and Left : Democratic Elitism in Mosca and Gramsci, Italian Literature and Thought Series. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1999. Pages 223-229.

Description: Includes one table organized by page of the Quaderni del carcare. Includes cross-references for MP, SPN, CW, GR, FS, PN1, PN2.

MP = The Modern Prince, and Other Writings. New York: International Publishers, 1967.
SPN = Selection from the Prison Notebooks. International Publishers, 1971.
CW = Selections from Cultural Writings. Harvard University Press, 1985.
GR = An Antonio Gramsci Reader: Selected Writings, 1916-1935. New York: Schocken, 1998; NYU, 2000.
FS = Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks. Minnesota University Press, 1995.
PN1 = Prison Notebooks, vol. 1. Columbia University Press, 1992.
PN2 = Prison Notebooks, vol. 2. Columbia University Press, 1996.

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