Pre-Prison Writings Index

John Holst & Marcus E. Green

To date, a comprehensive and complete edition of Antonio Gramsci’s pre-prison, journalistic writings has not been published in English. As it stands now, there are at least ten English publications that contain selections of Gramsci’s pre-prison writings, but even when all of these publications are compiled together, they do not cover all of Gramsci’s early work.

This Pre-Prison Writing Index provides the researcher with a comprehensive list of all available English translations of Gramsci’s pre-prison writings in a sortable format. This allows the researcher to work from a comprehensive and chronological list of all available English-language sources; to cross-reference translations across various sources; to compare the various compilations; and to find the English-language sources for a particular article. We will make every effort to update this index as new English-language sources become available or come to our attention.

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Publication of Gramsci's Pre-Prison Writings (by publication date) Symbol
(1957). The Modern Prince and Other Writings. (L. Marks Trans.) London: Lawrence and Wishart. MP
(1968). Soviets in Italy. New Left Review I, 51, 28-58. Published as a pamphlet by the Institute for Workers’ Control, Nottingham, UK and subsequently reprinted by the Sojourner Truth Organization, Chicago, USA. SI
(1970). Turin 1920: Factory councils and general strike. Moulihaven Press. T1920
(1975). History, Philosophy and Culture in the Young Gramsci (P. Cavalcanti & P. Piccone, Eds. & Trans.). St. Louis: Telos Press. HPC
(1977). Selections from Political Writings, 1910-1920 (Q. Hoare, Ed. and J. Mathews, Trans.). London: Lawrence and Wishart; & Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. SPW-1
(1978). Selections from Political Writings, 1921-1926 (Q. Hoare, Ed. and Trans.). London: Lawrence and Wishart; & Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. SPW-2
(1985). Selections from Cultural Writings (D. Forgacs & G. Nowell-Smith, Eds. and W. Boelhower, Trans.). Cambridge: Harvard University Press. SCW
(1994). Pre-Prison Writings. (R. Bellamy, Ed. & V. Cox, Trans.)  New York: Cambridge University Press. PPW
(1995). The Southern Question (P. Verdicchio, Trans.). West Lafayette, IN: Bordighera. SQ
(2000). The Antonio Gramsci Reader (D. Forgacs, Ed.). New York: New York University Press. AGR

Italian Publication of Gramsci's Pre-Prison Writings
Gramsci’s pre-prison, journalistic writings are quite extensive. As he explained to Tatiana Schucht in one of his prison letters: “In ten years of journalism I wrote enough lines to fill fifteen or twenty volumes of 400 pages each” (7 Sept 1931). The Italian publication of Gramsci’s pre-prison writings spans six volumes and over 4500 pages.

Cronache Torinesi, 1913-1917, ed. Sergio Caprioglio (Torino: Einaudi, 1980).

La Cittá Futura, 1917-1918, ed. Sergio Caprioglio (Torino: Einaudi, 1982).

Il Nostro Marx, 1918-1919, ed. Sergio Caprioglio (Torino: Einaudi, 1984).

L'Ordine Nuovo, 1919-1920, ed. Valentino Gerratana and Antonio A. Santucci (Torino: Einaudi, 1987).

Socialismo e fascismo: L'Ordine Nuovo 1921-1922 (Torino: G. Einaudi, 1971).

La Costruzione del Partito Comunista, 1923-1926, ed. Elsa Fubini (Torino: Einaudi, 1971).

These volumes are organized in sequential order, which makes it is relatively easy to cross reference the Italian editions with the English translations according to the original date of publication.

The Italian National Edition of Gramsci’s work, which is currently underway, will provide a comprehensive critical edition of all of Gramsci’s work, including his pre-prison writings.

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