Pre-Prison Writings Index: Antonio Gramsci Reader

The Antonio Gramsci Reader (D. Forgacs, Ed.). New York: New York University Press, 2000.

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Article Title Date Pages
Discipline 11-Feb-1917 AGR: 31-32
The Revolution Against Capital 24-Dec-1917
Il Grido del Popolo
AGR: 32-36
Our Marx 4-May-1918 AGR: 36-39
Class Intransigence and Italian History 18-May-1918 AGR: 40-44 (partial)
The Russian Utopia    (Utopia) 25-Jul-1918
Il Grido del Popolo
AGR: 45-52
Socialism and Culture 29-Jan-1916 AGR: 56-59
Schools of Labor 18-Jul-1916 AGR: 59-62
Men or Machines? 24-Dec-1916 AGR: 62-64
The Popular University 29-Dec-1916 AGR: 64-67
Illiteracy 11-Feb-1917 AGR: 67-68
The Problem of the School 27-Jun-1919 AGR: 68-70
Questions of Culture 14-Jun-1920 AGR: 70-72
Marinetti the Revolutionary? 5-Jan-1921 AGR: 73-75
Workers’ Democracy (in collaboration with Palmiro Togliatti) 21-Jun-1919 AGR: 79-82
The Conquest of the State 12-Jul-1919 AGR: 83-88
To the Workshop Delegates of the Fiat Centro and Brevetti Plants 13-Sep-1919 AGR: 89-92
Unions and Councils 12-Jun-1920 AGR: 92-96
Red Sunday 5-Sep-1920 AGR: 96-100
Political Capacity 24-Sep-1920 AGR: 100-103
Those Mainly Responsible 20-Sep-1921 AGR: 103-106
Once Again on the Organic Capacities of the Working Class 1-Oct-1926 AGR: 106-109
The War in the Colonies 7-Jun-1919 AGR: 112-113
Workers and Peasants 2-Aug-1919 AGR: 113-118
The Livorno Congress 13-Jan-1921 AGR: 118-121
Parties and Masses 25-Sep-1921 AGR: 121-125
What the relations should be between the PCI and the Comintern [handwritten notes] 23-Jun-1923 AGR: 125-127
Gramsci to Togliatti, Terracini and others [letter] 9-Feb-1924 AGR: 127-134
The Italian Crisis (The Crisis of the Middle Classes) 1-Sep-1924
L’Ordine Nuovo
AGR: 138-142
The Italian Situation and the Tasks of the PCI (Lyons Theses) [with Togliatti] 1-Jan-1926 AGR: 142-164
Letter to the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party (On the Situation in the Bolshevik Party) 14-Oct-1926 AGR: 164-171
Some Aspects of the Southern Question 1-Nov-1926 AGR: 171-185

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