Pre-Prison Writings Index: Soviets in Italy

Soviets in Italy. New Left Review I, 51, pp. 28-58, 1968. Also published as a pamphlet by the Institute for Workers’ Control, Nottingham, UK and subsequently reprinted by the Sojourner Truth Organization, Chicago, USA.

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Article Title Date Pages
Workers’ Democracy (in collaboration with Palmiro Togliatti) 21-Jun-1919 SI: 01-5
The Factory Council 5-Jun-1920 SI: 05-9
Unions and Councils I 11-Oct-1919 SI: 09-14
Unions and Councils II 12-Jun-1920 SI: 14-18
The Party and the Revolution 27-Dec-1919 SI: 18-22
Two Revolutions 3-Jul-1920 SI: 22-26
The Question of Force 26-Mar-1920 SI: 27-29
Towards a Renewal of the Socialist Party 8-May-1920 SI: 29-36
Political Capacity 24-Sep-1920 SI: 36-39

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