Pre-Prison Writings Index: History, Philosophy and Culture

History, Philosophy and Culture in the Young Gramsci (P. Cavalcanti & P. Piccone, Eds. & Trans.). St. Louis: Telos Press, 1975.

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Article Date Pages
Our Marx 4-May-1918 HPC: 009-12
Your Heritage 1-May-1918 HPC: 012-15
Mysteries of Poetry and Culture 19-Oct-1918 HPC: 016-19
Socialism and Culture 29-Jan-1916 HPC: 020-23
Literature 24-Nov-1917 HPC: 023-26
The Light Which Went Out 20-Nov-1915 HPC: 026-28
Illiteracy 11-Feb-1917 HPC: 028-29
Universal Language and Esperanto 16-Feb-1918 HPC: 029-33
Men or Machines? 24-Dec-1916 HPC: 033-35
The Watchmaker 18-Aug-1917 HPC: 036-37
Critical Criticism 12-Jan-1918 HPC: 037-39
Margins 11-Feb-1917 HPC: 040-43
Philanthropy, Good Will, and Organization 24-Dec-1917 HPC: 043-45
Discipline 11-Feb-1917 HPC: 049-50
Discipline and Freedom 11-Feb-1917 HPC: 050
Freedom First 31-Aug-1918 HPC: 050-51
Character 3-Mar-1917 HPC: 052-54
Free Thought and Liberated Thought 15-Jun-1918 HPC: 054-57
Intransigence-Tolerance: Intolerance-Compromise 8-Dec-1917 HPC: 057-59
Individualism and Collectivism 9-Mar-1918 HPC: 059-62
Illusions Flourish 15-Jun-1918 HPC: 062-64
Indifferents [sic] 11-Feb-1917 HPC: 064-66
History 29-Aug-1916 HPC: 069-70
Three Principles, Three Orders 11-Feb-1917 HPC: 070-75
The Peasants and the State 6-Jun-1918 HPC: 075-79
Armenia 11-Mar-1916 HPC: 079-81
Republic and Proletariat in France 20-Apr-1918 HPC: 081-86
The Beard and the Band 5-Feb-1918 HPC: 086-87
Economic Organization and Socialism 9-Feb-1918 HPC: 088-89
The Virtuous Press 16-Feb-1916 HPC: 093-94
Clarifying Ideas About Bourgeois Reformism 11-Dec-1917 HPC: 094-96
Toward a Cultural Association 18-Dec-1917 HPC: 096-99
After the Congress 14-Sep-1918 HPC: 099-101
The South and the War 1-Apr-1916 HPC: 101-104
The Social Function of the Nationalist Party 26-Jan-1918 HPC: 104-106
The Italian Liberals 12-Sep-1918 HPC: 106-109
Culture and Class Struggle 25-May-1918 HPC: 109-111
The Italian Catholics 22-Dec-1918 HPC: 111-115
Italian Democracy 7-Sep-1918 HPC: 115-116
Active and Operative Neutrality 31-Oct-1914 HPC: 116-120
The Revolution Against Capital 24-Dec-1917
Il Grido del Popolo
HPC: 123-126
Notes on the Russian Revolution 29-Apr-1917 HPC: 126-128
Wilson and the Russian Maximalists 2-Mar-1918 HPC: 129-131
The Russian Maximalists 28-Jul-1917 HPC: 132-134
Lenin’s Work 14-Sep-1918 HPC: 134-139
Toward an Understanding of the Russian Revolution 22-Jun-1918 HPC: 139-145
The Constitutional Assembly and the Soviets 26-Jan-1918 HPC: 146
A Year of History 16-Mar-1918 HPC: 146-149
The Russian Utopia 25-Jul-1918
Il Grido del Popolo
HPC: 149-155
Oppressed and Oppressors 1-Nov-1910 HPC: 156-158

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