Pre-Prison Writings Index: Selections from Cultural Writings

Selections from Cultural Writings (D. Forgacs & G. Nowell-Smith, Eds. and W. Boelhower, Trans.). Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1985.

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Article Title Date Pages
For a Cultural Association 18-Dec-1917 SCW: 20-23
Philanthropy, Good Will, and Organization 24-Dec-1917 SCW: 23-26
A Single Language and Esperanto 16-Feb-1918 SCW: 26-31
Culture and Class Struggle 25-May-1918 SCW: 31-34
Communism and Art 14-Jun-1919 SCW: 37-38
The Problem of the School 27-Jun-1919 SCW: 39-40
Questions of Culture 14-Jun-1920 SCW: 41-43
Party Art 8-May-1921 SCW: 44-46
The Futurists 20-May-1913 SCW: 46-49
Marinetti the Revolutionary? 5-Jan-1921 SCW: 49-51
Letter to Trotsky on Italian Futurism 8-Sep-1922 SCW: 52-54
Theatre and Cinema 26-Aug-1916 SCW: 54-56
The Theatre Industry [i] 28-Jun-1917 SCW: 56-58
The Theatre Industry [ii] 4-Jul-1917 SCW: 58-61
The Chiarella Brothers Again 8-Jul-1917 SCW: 61-63
The Theatre Industry [iii] 17-Jul-1917 SCW: 63-65
Continuation of Life 11-Sep-1917 SCW: 66-67
Contrasts 3-Oct-1917 SCW: 67-68
Emma Gramatica 1-Jul-1919 SCW: 68-70
Morality and Standards (Ibsen’s A Doll’s House at the Carignano) 22-Mar-1917 SCW: 70-73
Non Amarmi Così! by Fraccaroli at the Carignano 18-Apr-1917 SCW: 73-74
Anfisa by Andreyev at the Carignano 14-Nov-1920 SCW: 75-77
Pensaci, Giacomino! By Pirandello at the Alfieri 24-Mar-1917 SCW: 77-79
Liolà by Pirandello at the Alfieri 4-Apr-1917 SCW: 79-80
Così è (se vi pare) by  Pirandello at the Carignano 5-Oct-1917 SCW: 81-82
Il Piacere dell’onestà by Pirandello at the Carignano 29-Nov-1917 SCW: 83-84
Il Giuoco delle Parti by Pirandello at the Carignano 6-Feb-1919 SCW: 84-85
La Ragione degli Altri by Pirandello at the Carignano 13-Jan-1920 SCW: 85-86

Sort By: Date | Article Title | AGR | HPC | MP | PPW | SCW | SPW-1 | SPW-2 | SQ | SI | T1920

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