Pre-Prison Writings Index: Selections from Political Writings, 1921-1926

Selections from Political Writings, 1921-1926 (Q. Hoare, Ed. and Trans.). London: Lawrence and Wishart; & Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1978.

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Article Title Date Pages
Caporetto and Vittorio Veneto 28-Jan-1921 SPW-2: 3-4
War is War 31-Jan-1921 SPW-2: 5-9
Workers’ Control 10-Feb-1921 SPW-2: 10-11
The General Federation of Labor 25-Feb-1921 SPW-2: 12-14
Real Dialectics 3-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 15-16
Officialdom 4-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 17-19
Unions and Councils 5-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 20-22
Italy and Spain 11-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 23-24
Socialists and Communists 12-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 25-26
England and Russia 18-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 27-28
The Italian Parliament 24-Mar-1921 SPW-2: 29-31
The Elections and Freedom 21-Apr-1921 SPW-2: 35-37
Elemental Forces 26-Apr-1921 SPW-2: 38-40
The Old Order in Turin 18-May-1921 SPW-2: 41-43
Socialists and Fascists 11-Jun-1921 SPW-2: 44-45
Reactionary Subversiveness 22-Jun-1921 SPW-2: 46-47
Referendum 29-Jun-1921 SPW-2: 48-51
Leaders and Masses 3-Jul-1921 SPW-2: 52-53
Bonomi 5-Jul-1921 SPW-2: 54-55
The “Arditi del Popolo” 15-Jul-1921 SPW-2: 56-58
The Development of Fascism 21-Jul-1921 SPW-2: 59-60
Against Terror 19-Aug-1921 SPW-2: 61-62
The Two Fascisms 25-Aug-1921 SPW-2: 63-65
The Agrarian Struggle in Italy 31-Aug-1921 SPW-2: 66-67
Those Mainly Responsible 20-Sep-1921 SPW-2: 68-70
Parties and Masses 25-Sep-1921 SPW-2: 71-74
Masses and Leaders 30-Oct-1921 SPW-2: 75-78
One Year 5-Jan-1922 SPW-2: 79-82
The “Alleanza del Lavoro” 21-Feb-1922 SPW-2: 83-84
A Crisis within the Crisis 24-Feb-1922 SPW-2: 85-86
Lessons 5-May-1922 SPW-2: 87-89
Interventions at Second (Rome) Congress of PCI (those attributed to Gramsci) 25&28-Mar-1922 SPW-2: 118-122
Report on the National Congress to the Turin Section (notes on Gramsci’s report) 6-Apr-1922 SPW-2: 123-125
Origins of Mussolini Cabinet 20-Nov-1922 SPW-2: 129-131
Gramsci to Togliatti [letter] 18-May-1923 SPW-2: 138-142
What the relations should be between the PCI and the Comintern [handwritten notes] 23-Jun-1923 SPW-2: 154-156
Three Fragments by Gramsci 23-Jul-1923 SPW-2: 159-160
Gramsci to the Executive Committee of the PCI [letter] 12-Sep-1923 SPW-2: 161-163
Our Trade Union Strategy (Our Union Policy) 18-Oct-1923 SPW-2: 164-168
What is to be Done? 1-Nov-2023 SPW-2: 169-172
Gramsci to Scoccimarro [letter] 5-Jan-1924 SPW-2: 173-176
Gramsci to Terracini [letter] 12-Jan-1924 SPW-2: 177-181
Gramsci to Togliatti [letter] 27-Jan-1924 SPW-2: 182-187
Gramsci to Leonetti [letter] 28-Jan-1924 SPW-2: 188-190
Gramsci to Togliatti, Terracini and others [letter] 9-Feb-1924 SPW-2: 191-203
Editorial: March 1924 1-Mar-1924 SPW-2: 207-208
“Leader” 1-Mar-1924 SPW-2: 209-212
Against Pessimism 15-Mar-1924 SPW-2: 213-217
Gramsci to Togliatti, Scoccimarro, Leonetti, etc. [letter] 21-Mar-1924 SPW-2: 218-223
The Programme of L’Ordine Nuovo 1&15-Apr-1924 SPW-2: 224-228
Problems of Today and Tomorrow 1&15-Apr-1924 SPW-2: 229-236
Gramsci to Zino Zini [letter] 2-Apr-1924 SPW-2: 237-239
Gramsci to Togliatti, Scoccimarro, etc. [letter] 5-Apr-1924 SPW-2: 240-242
Gramsci’s Intervention at the Como Conference 29-May-1924 SPW-2: 250-254
The Italian Crisis (The Crisis of the Middle Classes) 1-Sep-1924
L’Ordine Nuovo
26-Aug-1924 L’Unità
SPW-2: 255-266
Democracy and Fascism 1-Nov-1924 SPW-2: 267-272
The Fall of Fascism 15-Nov-1924 SPW-2: 273-275
Report to the Central Committee 6-Feb-1925 SPW-2: 276-284
Introduction to the First Course of the Party School 1-Apr-1925 SPW-2: 285-292
The Internal Situation in our Party and the Tasks of the Forthcoming Congress 3-Jul-1925 SPW-2: 293-305
Elements of the Situation 24-Nov-1925 SPW-2: 306-309
The Communists and the Elections 12-Apr-1921 SPW-2: 32-34
The Italian Situation and the Tasks of the PCI (Lyons Theses) [with Togliatti] 1-Jan-1926 SPW-2: 340-375
The Party’s First Five Years 24-Feb-1926 SPW-2: 379-399
A Study of the Italian Situation 2-3-Aug-1926 SPW-2: 400-411
The Peasants and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat 17-Sep-1926 SPW-2: 412-416
Once Again on the Organic Capacities of the Working Class 1-Oct-1926 SPW-2: 417-421
We and the Republican Concentration 13-Oct-1926 SPW-2: 422-425
Letter to the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party (On the Situation in the Bolshevik Party) 14-Oct-1926 SPW-2: 426-432
Gramsci to Togliatti 26-Oct-1926 SPW-2: 437-440
Some Aspects of the Southern Question 1-Nov-1926 SPW-2: 441-462

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