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Pre-Prison Writings. (R. Bellamy, Ed. & V. Cox, Trans.)  New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994.

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Article Title Date Pages
Active and Functional Neutrality 31-Oct-1914 PPW: 3-7
Socialism and Culture 29-Jan-1916 PPW: 8-12
History 29-Aug-1916 PPW: 13-14
Socialism and Cooperation 30-Oct-1916 PPW: 15-18
Three Principles and Three Kinds of Political Order;   (Three Principles, Three Orders) 11-Feb-1917 PPW: 19-25
Freedom and Discipline; (Discipline and Freedom) 11-Feb-1917 PPW: 26
Socialism and Italy 22-Sep-1917 PPW: 27-30
Notes on the Russian Revolution 29-Apr-1917 PPW: 31-34
Why We Need a Cultural Association 18-Dec-1917 PPW: 35-38
The Revolution Against Capital 24-Dec-1917
Il Grido del Popolo
PPW: 39-42
Critical Criticism 12-Jan-1918 PPW: 43-46
Socialism and Economic Organization 9-Feb-1918 PPW: 47-49
Socialism and Actualist Philosophy 9-Feb-1918 PPW: 50
The Club of Moral Life 1-Mar-1918 PPW: 51-53
Our Marx 4-May-1918 PPW: 54-58
Class Intransigence and Italian History 18-May-1918 PPW: 59-69
Cocaine 21-May-1918 PPW: 70-72
Football and Scopone 27-Aug-1918 PPW: 73-74
Culture and Poetic Mysteries (Mysteries of Poetry and Culture) 19-Oct-1918 PPW: 75-79
Men, Ideas, Newspapers and Money 23-Oct-1918 PPW: 80-84
The Sovereignty of Law 1-Jun-1919 PPW: 87-90
The Price of History 7-Jun-1919 PPW: 91-95
Workers’ Democracy (in collaboration with Palmiro Togliatti) 21-Jun-1919 PPW: 96-100
The State and Socialism 6/28-7/5/1919 PPW: 101-107
The Conquest of the State 12-Jul-1919 PPW: 108-114
Unions and Councils 11-Oct-1919 PPW: 115-120
The Trade Unions and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat 25-Oct-1919 PPW: 121-126
Syndicalism and the Councils 8-Nov-1919 PPW: 127-131
Out of the Dilemma 29-Nov-1919 PPW: 132-135
The Historical Role of the Cities 17-Jan-1919 PPW: 136-140
The Italian State 7-Feb-1920 PPW: 141-145
The Drunken Soldier 18-Feb-1920 PPW: 146-150
The Factory Worker 21-Feb-1920 PPW: 151-154
Towards a Renewal of the Socialist Party 8-May-1920 PPW: 155-162
The Factory Council 5-Jun-1920 PPW: 163-167
Two Revolutions 3-Jul-1920 PPW: 168-172
The Communist Groups 17-Jul-1920 PPW: 173-177
The Programme of L’Ordine Nuovo (Part I) 14-Aug-1920 PPW: 178-182
The Programme of L’Ordine Nuovo (Part II) 28-Aug-1920 PPW: 182-186
The Communist Party (Part I) 4-Sep-1920 PPW: 187-192
The Communist Party (Part II) 9-Oct-1920 PPW: 192-197
Red Sunday 5-Sep-1920 PPW: 198-202
Russia and the International 9-Jan-1921 PPW: 205-208
The Livorno Congress 13-Jan-1921 PPW: 209-212
Socialists and Fascists 11-Jun-1921 PPW: 213-215
Why the Bourgeoisie Can No Longer Govern the Country 2-Jul-1921 PPW: 216-218
La Stampa and the Fascists 24-Jul-1921 PPW: 219-222
Moral Problems and the Class Struggle 7-Aug-1921 PPW: 223-226
The Two Fascisms 25-Aug-1921 PPW: 227-229
Legality 28-Aug-1921 PPW: 230-233
April and September 1920 7-Sep-1921 PPW: 234-236
The Mainstay of the State 13-Nov-1921 PPW: 237-239
The Essence of the Crisis 5-Feb-1922 PPW: 240-243
Letter to Trotsky on Italian Futurism 8-Sep-1922 PPW: 244-246
Our Union Policy 18-Oct-1923 PPW: 249-254
Against Pessimism 15-Mar-1924 PPW: 255-259
The Mezzogiorno and Fascism 15-Mar-1924 PPW: 260-264
The Party School 1-Apr-1925 PPW: 265-267
The Party Grows in Strength by Combating Anti-Leninist Deviations 5-Jul-1925 PPW: 268-275
Cell Organization and the World Congress 28-Jul-1925 PPW: 276-280
The Organizational Basis of the Party 15-Aug-1925 PPW: 281-287
A Study of the Italian Situation 2-3-Aug-1926 PPW: 288-300
The Soviet Union on the Path to Communism 7-Sep-1926 PPW: 301-305
Letter to the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party (On the Situation in the Bolshevik Party) 14-Oct-1926 PPW: 306-312
Some Aspects of the Southern Question 1-Nov-1926 PPW: 313-337

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